The Big Bang was the beginning of the universe, that is to say, the starting point, when matter,
space, and time formed. But what existed before? The scientific world believes that what
existed before this big explosion was basically nothing.

That’s not to say there was no matter or antimatter. What it means is that nothing that
existed before could have had anything to do with what came after.

Celebrating with you 20 years of MGA Games.
In 2021 we are going to explore together the values that have led us to SUCCESS:





MGA Games was born to transform the gambling industry.
We have grown developing with our own
technology, technically perfect products: Triple View Design, Sequential Loading, and MGA Games immersive.
Today we are giving players a more complete, lively, and
unique experience. After 20 years, we are ready to take it to the next level.
Will you join us?

Welcome to a new era in which INNOVATION continues to be one of the three
pillars that have led us to SUCCESS.

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"Give me five"

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Winners League Special Edition: Innovation

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MGA Games has always valued the human side of business.
We have grown and developed being able to offer a personalised service as quickly
and as efficiently as possible.
Today, our top priority is our personal and differential treatment in any
situation, and we guarantee a continuous follow-up process
to ensure we meet all our clients needs.
After 20 years we remain faithful to our philosophy: The customer first.

Welcome to a new era in which CUSTOMER SERVICE continues to be
one of the three pillars that have led us to SUCCESS.

¡Happy 20th

Let’s raise a toast to 20
YEARS and everything else
to come!

Winners League
Special Edition:
Customer Service

Keep defining
strategies and scoring

How well do you know
your account manager?

Knowing your
Account Manager well
will help you achieve the best
for your players.


MGA Games have always thought about how best to maximise profitability for operators.
We have grown developing technically perfect mathematics
that allows operators to achieve better profits.
Today, the volatility and RTP of our productions achieve significantly
better percentages than those of the competition.
After 20 years, we will be able to open new lines of business,
which will mean a leap in quality in all our areas of production.

Welcome to a new era in which PROFITABILITY continues to be one of
the three pillars that have led us to SUCCESS.

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"MGA 100 Games

From one celebrity to another …
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Winners League
Special Edition:

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This year we have experienced an intense journey together,
in which MGA Games has wanted to share the 3 pillars that have led us to SUCCESS:
Constant innovation, impeccable customer service, and maximum profitability.

Values that form part of our personality as a company, among other
achievements, have positioned us as number one in the Slotcatalog Ranking of
slot providers and developers nationwide. They have allowed us to
work with international operators such as 888, Bet365, Bwin, Gamesys,
and Pocker Stars, among others, or with operators who have a national
market share in 2020 of 75% and 18% of the total GGR.

In short, great achievements that have led us to SUCCESS.
But what is SUCCESS really?